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Car News – Reviews, New Car Concepts and Car Design

Car News – Reviews, New Car Concepts and Car Design

Top 5 Car Concepts Of The Future You MUST See | New 2018 Car Concepts

Car Concepts

Top 5 Car Concepts Of The Future You MUST See | New 2018 Car Concepts

Top 5 Car Concepts Of The Future You MUST See
New 2018 Car Concepts
Top 5 Futuristic Car Concepts


Mini has been under BMW control since 1994, when Munich bought the British brand. Its cutesy quirks and retro cues survive under modernized German manufacturing processes (today’s car shares a new front-wheel-drive chassis with the BMW X1). Now that BMW is a century old, the design studio has cranked out a trio of celebratory concepts meant to show what BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Mini will stand for in the century to come. (A fourth concept, from BMW’s Motorrad motorcycle division, is forthcoming.) If this concept is any indicator, future Mini models will be part of a fully automated electric car-sharing service that will preemptively study its customers’ preferences so it can bathe them in multicolor mood lighting at critical moments. Stored personal preferences will let car-sharers configure each borrowed Mini to their own tastes—it will make every Mini “my Mini,” the company says.

Nissan IDS Concept

The IDS is a four-door hatchback, with the currently voguish (in concept-car circles, at least) suicide doors and B-pillarless apertures. The roof is mostly glass. The body is made of carbon fiber and stands only 54 inches tall. The concept’s bucktooth grille and boomerang-shaped taillights are the only visual connection to Nissan’s production cars. Might the IDS concept be a precursor to the next Nissan Leaf? Unlikely, given the fairly wild design. But should the show car’s 60-kWh battery, which is twice as potent as that in the current Leaf, find its way into Nissan’s mainstream EV, it could potentially extend the car’s range to better than 200 miles.

Toyota Concept-i (CES 2017)

To that end, the company just unveiled the Concept-i, its vision of motoring in 2030, here at CES 2017. Rather than design the body first, as often happens with outlandish concepts, Cartabiano and his team started from the cockpit, with a clear emphasis on the driver and the AI that will help out. Fun in Toyota’s case doesn’t necessarily mean pushing a car to oversteer through a switchback, but rather on enjoying the car itself.

Honda NeuV Concept

Designed to create new possibilities for customers, the NeuV (pronounced “new-v”), which stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle, is a concept vehicle whose genesis is based on the fact that privately-owned vehicles sit idle 96 percent of the time. The NeuV explores the idea of how to create new value for its owner by functioning as an automated ride sharing vehicle, picking up and dropping off customers at local destinations when the owner is not using the car. The NeuV also can sell energy back to the electric grid during times of high demand when it’s not in use. These activities have the potential to create a new business model for enterprising customers.

Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow Concept

The Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning, also called the Silver Arrow, is a concept car built for the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, where it won the best animation award for their short film Silver Lightning. It was conceived by the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Design Studio in Carlsbad, California, who also previously created the Mercedes-Benz Biome. This car has been featured in the popular mobile racing video games Asphalt 8: Airborne and Asphalt Nitro.

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